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The first chairman of the air source industry held a live broadcast of over 400,000 people!
Power World 2020/03/02

       The first live broadcast of power world was heldat 14:00 on March 1st, Mr. Li, the chairman of Power World shares his topic onhow to win the market under the epidemic situation. The live broadcast was sopopular, the audience interacted frequently.

     During the live broadcast, Mr. Li first analyzed the impact of theepidemic situation on the current air energy industry, followed by introducing PowerWorld and its entire category of products, and shared ten countermeasures towin the market.


To win this market stagnation battle, enterprises must have confidence firstly,secondly, they must establish a strategic decision-making team, stick to cashflow, attach importance to customer service and execution, strengthen theprocess, advance with the times, and finally have to stay calm! this series of powerful remarks that allowed Power World to win a large number of fans in aninstant.


Later, Mr Li introduced the “city partner” cooperation model of PowerWorld, an excellent platform and many preferential policies attracted a largenumber of dealers.


In this live show for nearly an hour and a half, Power World attracted alarge number of dealers who intend to cooperate, and won high praise from the industry

As Mr. Li said, "No winter will not leaving, and no spring will notcoming." Through this live broadcast show, Power World is full of hope forthe future and ambition. He will be ready to move forward. Leading a new heightin one industry after another.


Come on, Power! Come on, heat pump people! Let us work together toovercome difficulties and work together to forge a new path!



Thank you for your support and attention! Stay tuned for more excitinglive broadcasts of Power World air source!

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