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2020 Power World Outward Bound Activities
Power World 2020/06/04

Take the path you don't usually take, and realize the truth that you don't normally realize.

In order to better cultivate team spirit, improve knowledge skills and business level, create a wolf culture team that operates efficiently. At the end of May, the series of activities of the Power World 2020 Annual Marketing Center Conference kicked off in the production base, Dongguan.

On May 27th, more than 100 sales elites from all over the country gathered at the headquarters of the Dongguan production base. After a Simple get together, they immediately embarked on the bus to the Outward Bound base. From this moment on, we will briefly bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city and start a different journey.

Located in the expansion base beside the Dongguan Botanical Garden, the trees are shaded and the natural scenery is very beautiful. After a short break, everyone quickly entered a "battle state."

The first lesson of outward Bound activity, from electing captains, platoon formations, and offensive strategies to team leader charge, a lot of guns and bullets, the outcome is decided. Behind the seemingly simple game, there is often a big truth. Business is like battlefields. If not you are weak, I will be strong. If not I won, you will lose!

Although everyone's enthusiasm is high, it is only after filling their stomachs that they have the energy to meet the challenges ahead. A table of fresh ingredients tests the teamwork of colleagues. Everyone says to do it, fire, wash, stir-fry... North and South dishes are served together. Familiar friends talk to each other and strange new friends open the topic and become familiar with each other.

Perhaps it was affected by the atmosphere. Mr Li also personally participated in it and started cooking with everyone. Power World slogans rang one after another, resounding through the night sky and into the future.

Light the bonfire in the night, briefly forget the troubles and restraints in your heart, and discover the hidden Talented person around you. He is usually silent and full of humorous cells. The slender goddess is actually a hidden Foodie... the real face Brothers and sisters who share the same troubles with each other.

The horn sounded in the early morning, and after a simple grouping, the squad leader was selected. A small team with high morale was formally established, and the outdoor development activity officially broke the ice and set sail.

A thousand people have a thousand Hamlet. Faced with the same thing, different people have different views and different feelings. Many of the problems in the work are caused by deviations in information transmission. Maintaining good two-way communication is the most effective method of teamwork.

In an excellent team, the internal work is clear, and each person's ability is different from person to person, and they are often presented differently. However, if they are gathered in the whole team, they may be enlarged and exert their maximum effectiveness.

What is leadership? It is not rights nor fame and fortune, but more responsibility and responsibility. Good leadership can make a team unite and win the full trust of team members and exert the strongest fighting power.

Faced with the hurdles that can't pass, it can more stimulate our determination to challenge difficulties and overcome the fears deep in our hearts. Who will act first? How to act? Calmly analyze and work together to reach the end.

Understand the meaning behind the game, integrate the team's tacit understanding and cooperation in the training, I believe that the future will be surprised

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