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2020 Shandong International Heating Exhibition
Power World 2020/06/15

From 6.11-6.13 in 2020, Shenzhen Power World New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. brought its heating, hot water and drying products to the booth of Shandong International Heating Exhibition Boot No. B1T13-1. The exhibition area exceeds 220,000 square kilometers. It is committed to combining the current market demand for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure. It has deeply explored the upstream and downstream industrial markets of the HVAC industry and attracted more than 1,500 companies to participate.

Affected by the epidemic, this is the first exhibition  of power World in 2020. Our colleagues are full of energy and are bound to catch up the lost time this year. In the past three days, the crowd of people in the booth has been surging. With the layout in the "coal to power" market in the north for many years, it has attracted many new and old partners to come to understand and negotiate. Faced with various problems of exhibitors, our colleagues gave enthusiastic, professional and patient answers. Many people expressed a high degree of recognition of Power World ’s brand awareness, product quality, and service system, and an initial cooperation intention was reached on the spot. 

The "coal to power" policy in the north has been implemented for many years. With the vigorous promotion of the country and localities, the effect of air pollution remediation is remarkable, and the phenomenon of winter haze has been significantly reduced compared with the past. As one of the earliest companies participating in the coal-to-electricity project in the northern region, Power World has provided efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving heating and commercial heating to users in the vast area through product optimization iterations, technological breakthrough innovation, and project plan optimization. Water solutions bring sustainable development momentum to the construction of ecological civilization.

Ultra-low temperature cooling and heating unit

This time Power World exhibited star products in heating, hot water, coal to electricity, etc. Through self-developed intelligent double super technology, multi-stage cascade technology, defrosting and other technical blessings, it can ensure that the unit is in a minus 35 ℃ environment Medium and stable operation, in addition to having a wide range of installation and landing projects in the northern region, there are currently a number of high-original machine model projects in Tibet and Xinjiang. The operation status is stable, the energy saving effect is obvious, and customer feedback is good. The unit can be widely used in communities, schools, hotels and other industries. It can be flexibly matched with various end equipments to realize applications such as refrigeration, heating and hot water.

The epidemic has entered the stage of normalized prevention and control, and the global economic decay is a foregone conclusion, adding many uncertainties to the market environment. In order to meet the demand of orders across the country, Power World became one of the first batch of enterprises to resume work and resume production as early as February, The order volume of various regions realized contrarian growth.

Power World has been deeply involved in the field of air energy for 16 years, and has experienced ups and downs in the industry. The epidemic is just a small trial on Power World’s development path. We know that challenges and opportunities always coexist. Economic recovery is bound to trigger a new round of infrastructure investment. With the country's unwavering implementation of environmental protection policies, the heating, hot water, drying and other markets in various fields are still relatively competitive. Large room for development.

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