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14.5kw Standard air source heating and cooling heat pump

14.5kw Standard air source heating and cooling heat pump

  • 1.Both heating and cooling integrated: It provides high-efficiency cooling in the summer, and efficient heating in the winter
    2.Eco-friendly refrigerant:R407C 
    3.Reliable and durable compressor:Copeland  
    4.High Level of protection:IP Grade (Level of protection) IPX4
    5.High efficient exchanger:Tube in tube heat exchanger 
    6.High quality Expansion valve:Danfoss /Emerson
    7.Good Case material:Galvanized steel
    8.Auto-defrosting function included:With reverse cycle valve inside

  • 1.Automatically remember all parameters if power off 

    2.Under the condition of without control panel (or panel damaged), system can work automatically

    3.Intelligent control system:Automatically remember all parameters if power off 

    4.Over high /low pressure protection 

    5.Benefit from a high volume of stored thermal energy

    6.High efficiency and energy-saving:Up to 60% savings as compared to heating by electricity or oil

    7.Intelligent digital controller for precise control

    8.Can work at night as well as on cloudy and rainy days

    9.Can be scaled to meet any requirement of hot water              10.Easy to install:Just need to complete plumbing and electrical connections

    11.Occupies very little space:So can be connected near utility point

    12.Long life and corrosion resistant cabinet to withstand severe climates

    13.Safer than combustion:Heat pumps are safer than systems based on combustion

    14.Less maintenance than combustion heating systems

    15.Long life-span:Very long life span (up to 50 years), thus they are extremely reliable and a steady source of heating and cooling

    I.What is Air source heat pump with cooling and heating?


    Air source heat pump for heating and cooling series is the air souce heat pump incluing heating and cooling functions integrated. It provides high-efficiency cooling in the summer, and efficient heating in the winter.

    II.How does Air source heat pump for heating works?



    Product modelPF030-KFXLN-SPF030-KFXLNPF045-KFXLN-SPF050-KFXLNPF060-KFXLN
    ParametersCoolingCooling capacity(kW)6.47.61112.614.5
    Cooling input power(kW)
    Rated current (A)
    Heating*Heating capacity(kW)
    Heating input power(kW)
    Rated current (A)10.94.818.67.58.5
    Working  area-7~43℃
    IP Grade (Level of protection)IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4
    Anti-electric shock RateIIIII
    Noise (dB(A))≤55≤55≤55≤58≤58
    Net weight/Gross weight(kg)100/106100/106120/126145/155155/165
    Diameter of pipe (mm)DN25DN25DN25DN25DN25
    Standard ConfigurMetel plateGalvanized steel/Spray/GrayGalvanized steel/Spray/GrayGalvanized steel/Spray/GrayGalvanized steel/Spray/GrayGalvanized steel/Spray/Gray
    -ationBody size(W*D*H)830*490*1160830*490*11601110*490*12601110*490*12601110*490*1260



    Power supply220V/50Hz380V/50Hz220V/50Hz380V/50Hz380V/50Hz

    CondenserTube in tube heat exchanger


    Four-way valveDSF-11DSF-11DSF-11DSF-20DSF-20

    Expansion valveDanfoss /Emerson

    AC contactor(220V-25A)(220V-12A)(220V-25A)(220V-18A)(220V-25A)

    Motor (with capacitance)90W*1(5μf)90W*1(5μf)90W*2(5μf)90W*2(5μf)90W*2(5μf)


    ControllerSingle System(Motorola Chip)Single System(Motorola Chip)Single System(Motorola Chip)Single System(Motorola Chip)Single System(Motorola Chip)

    Low-voltage switch0.15/0.32MPa0.15/0.32MPa0.15/0.32MPa0.15/0.32MPa0.15/0.32MPa

    High-voltage switch3.0/3.6MPa3.0/3.6MPa3.0/3.6MPa3.0/3.6MPa3.0/3.6MPa

    Power line connect with unit3*2.5mm23*2.5mm2+3*4mm23*4mm2+3*6mm2+


    PackagePolywood packing
    Cooling working condition:Inlet water temperature 12℃, Outlet water temperature 7℃, Dry bulb temperature 35℃, Wet bulb temperature 24℃.
    Heating working condition: Inlet water temperature 40℃, Outlet water temperature 45℃, Dry bulb temperature 7℃, Wet bulb temperature6℃.


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