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27.6kw ~ 82.6kw  80 degrees high temperature heat pump units

27.6kw ~ 82.6kw 80 degrees high temperature heat pump units

  • *. Intelligent control: Micro processor based digital controller with LCD display
    *. Back-up heating element for emergency (optional). 
    *. Low noise level fan
    *. Efficient tank / High efficiency tube-in- shell heat exchanger
    *. EVI Scroll compressor specially designed for high water temperature heat pump
    *. Durable-more than 15 year's lifetime 
    *. 50Hz and 60Hz units are all available

  • 1. Max outlet water temperature 85℃: Maximum Temperature up to 85 degree C, working good at ambient temperature 5degrees or above,available for green house or industrial usage, like galvanizing, slaughtering, printing & dyeing etc.

    2. Eco-friendly refrigerant: R134A

    3. Reliable and durable compressor: American Copeland compressor

    4. Economy unit(EVI heating exchanger)Enhanced Vapor Inject technology

    5. Air heat exchanger (fins-coil) with hydrophilic coating: Tupe-in-tupe heat exchanger

    6. Thermal expansion value: Danfoss/Emerson

    7. Auto-defrosting function included: With reverse cycle valve inside

    8. Intelligent control system: Automatically remember all parameters if power off, lack of phase or wrong phase of three phase power supply can be protected.

    9. Anti-freezing function.

    10. It works automatically even without operation panel or panel damaged.

    11. Over high/low pressure protection.

    12. Benefit from a high volume of stored thermal energy. High efficiency and energy-saving: Up to 60% savings comparing to heating by electricity or oil.

    13. Intelligent digital controller for precise control

    14. Stable running: Can work at night as well as on cloudy and rainy days

    15. Easy to install: Just need to complete plumbing and electrical connections

    16. Occupies very little space: So can be connected near utility point

    17. Long life-span: Very long life-span (up to 15 years), thus they are extremely reliable and a steady source of heat.


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