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7.4 kw~8.3 KW high temperature units

7.4 kw~8.3 KW high temperature units

  • *. Intelligent control: Micro processor based digital controller with LCD display
    *. Back-up heating element for emergency (optional). 
    *. Low noise level fan
    *. Efficient tank / High efficiency tube-in- shell heat exchanger
    *. EVI Scroll compressor specially designed for high water temperature heat pump
    *. Durable-more than 15 year's lifetime 
    *. 50Hz and 60Hz units are all available

  • 1. Base frame and external panels are made of galvanized sheet.

    2. High efficiency compressor with R407c Refrigerant.

    3. Touch design LCD control panel, and the control signals are easier to be transferred to the control system;

    4. Openable cabinet door design for faster and simpler checking and maintenance

    5. Well heat insulation inside the unit to increase the COP. 

    6. Exterior rotor fan ensures lower noise and vibration

    7. Eight surfaces cabinet design for lovely outlook and sharp edges reduction

    8. High quality copper tube coils constructed of outer thread technology

    9. Automatic defrosting function included.

    10. Clock & Timing on/off function.

    11. General testing and operational test carried out for every unit before package in the factory.


    Working Principle


    ParametersHeating capacity (kW)7.48.313.827.655.182.6
    Input power (kW)
    Rated current (A)147.513265278
    Production capacity (L/H)1061191983967901184
    Rated outlet hot water temperature (℃)757575757575
    Max outlet hot water temperature(℃)808080808585
    Working  area5~43℃5~43℃
    IP Grade (Level of protection)IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4
    Anti-electric shock RateIIIIII
    Noise (dB(A))≤55≤55≤58≤66≤68≤75
    Net weight/Gross weight(kg)105/111105/111150/160310/330482/532612/675
    Diameter of pipe (mm)DN25DN25DN25DN32DN50DN65
    Standard ConfigurationMetel plateGalvanized steel/Spray/GrayGalvanized steel/Spray/GrayGalvanized steel/Spray/GrayGalvanized steel/Spray/GrayGalvanized steel/Spray/GrayGalvanized steel/Spray/Gray
    Body size(W*D*H)1110*490*12601110*490*12601110*490*12601580*800*16001850*1000*19502300*1100*2300
    Packing  size(W*D*H)1180*540*13901180*540*13901180*540*13901680*900*18001950*1100*20502400*1200*2500
    Loading quantity (20GP/40GP/40HQ)18/42/4218/42/4218/42/422006/12/122006/12/120/0/5
    Power supply220V/50Hz380V/50Hz380V/50Hz380V/50Hz380V/50Hz380V/50Hz
    CondenserEfficient tankDouble pipeDouble pipeDouble pipe
    Economy unit(EVI heating exchanger)Plate Type MTB020-17Plate Type MTB020-17Plate Type MTB020-17Plate Type MTB020-17*2Plate Type MTB020-17*4Plate Type MTB020-17*4
    Four-way valveDSF-11DSF-11DSF-20DSF-20*2DSF-20*4DHF-35 *3
    Expansion valveDanfoss /EmersonDanfoss /Emerson

    AC contactor(220V-25A)(220V-12A)(220V-18A)(220V-18A)*2(220V-18A)*4(220V-38A)*3
    Motor (with capacitance)50W*2(4μf*2)50W*2(4μf*2)90W*2(5μf)YSWF102L50P6YSWF127L50P6-840N-710*2YSWF127L50P6-840N-710*3
    ControllerSingle SystemSingle System(Motorola Chip)Single SystemDual systemDual systemDual system
    (Motorola Chip)(Motorola Chip)(Motorola Chip)(Motorola Chip)(Motorola Chip)
    High-voltage switch2.4/3.0MPa2.4/3.0MPa2.4/3.0MPa2.4/3.0MPa2.4/3.0MPa2.4/3.0MPa
    Power line connect with unit3*2.5mm23*2.5mm2+3*4mm2+3*6mm2+3*10mm2+3*16mm2+
    PackagePolywood packingPolywood packing
    Remark: working condition, Inletl water temperature 15℃, Outlet water temperature 75℃, Dry bulb temperature 20℃, Wet bulb temperature 15℃.

    安装 Installation1


    应用 Application1

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