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R32 Mini Pool heater for Sanuas or jacuzzi

R32 Mini Pool heater for Sanuas or jacuzzi

  • R32 Mini Size Refrigerant  
    The mini compact heat pump is especially designed for small swimming pool or massage bathtub. With its components comparable to those of large-size heat pump, the heat pump has a COP similar to other heat pumps. Connecting it to a standard electrical socket, the mini compact heat pump can heat your pool in just a few hours.

  • 1. Smaller dimensions and portable

    The heat pump takes an area less than 0.16㎡ and weight is only 22kg. The compact design is a perfect solution for above-ground pools and spas.

    2.High Energy Efficiency

    This series of heat pumps strives to deliver perfect swimming experience with exceptional performance at the lowest cost. Its COP can go as high as 5.8 at 26/23.3(DB/WB).

    3. ABS Plastic Casing

    The casing is made of ABS plastic entirely, avoiding any corrosion and stain caused by the poor ambient environment. Meanwhile, the steel frame design can make sure the the heat pump is strong enough even when the casing is plastic. 

    4. Low noise

    The noise of the heat pump is only 44 dB(A) at 1 meter’s distance, just like sound of a running fridge. The low noise feature make this product a perfect choice for residential use.

    5.Titanium Heat Exchanger

    The twisted titanium coils ensures maximum heat transfer surface, resulting in increased output and 30% higher efficiency in contrast with common heat exchangers.

    6.Hydraulic Finned Heat Exchanger

    The hydrophilic coating can effectively resist condensing water and frosting. And the anticorrosion feature of hydrophilic coating can give the finned heat exchanger a longer lifetime.


    Mini Series  Swimming pool heat pump 
    Product modelR032mini
    Advised pool volume(m3) (with cover)  5-20
    Parametersheating*Heating capacity (kW) 3.45 
    Heating capacity (BTU/h) 11800 
    Input power (kW) 0.64
    COP 5.39 
    heating**Heating capacity (kW) 2.700 
    Heating capacity (BTU/h) 9270
    Input power (kW) 0.67
    COP 4.03 
    Rated current(A)4.62
    Advised water flux(m³/H)2.0 
    IP Grade (Level of protection)IPX4
    Anti-electric shock Rate
    Noise (dB(A)) in 1 meter ≤44
    Net weight/Gross weight(kg)22/ 24
    Standard ConfigurationDiameter of pipe (mm)
    Metel plateABS plastic casing black color
    Body / Packing  size(W*D*H) mm 385 x 400 x 280    /    415 x 460 x 380
    Power supply220V/50Hz

    Remark:                                                                                                                                                                                     heating*: working condition, Inlet water temperature 26℃, Outlet water temperature 28℃, Dry bulb temperature 26℃.

    Humidity 80%.

    heating**: working condition, Inlet water temperature 26℃, Outlet water temperature 28℃, Dry bulb temperature 15℃ Humidity 70%.

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