What is an inverter pool heat pump?

Currently on the market, there are two classifications of swimming pool heat pumps: inverter pool heat pumps and on off pool heat pumps.

When on off pool heat pumps is running, the compressor speed is basically the same. It needs to constantly start and stop the compressor to adjust and maintain the pool temperature. This kind of mechanical operation mode must be low-efficiency and high-energy consumption. Fortunately, market demand will continue to stimulate industry technology and innovation,inverter swimming pool heat pumps have also emerged as the times require. Compared with the on off pool heat pump, the inverter pool heat pump uses a inverter compressor, combined with a inverter control system, and automatically provides the required heat according to the usage of the swimming pool. When the swimming pool water temperature reaches the expected effect, the swimming pool heat pump compressor can accurately maintain this temperature and operate at a constant speed, thereby realizing non-stop operation to ensure the stability of the swimming pool water temperature. Since the compressor does not start or stop repeatedly during operation, it will not consume excess power.

When the swimming pool enters the home environment, it is more than just a pool. Through a variety of design ideas and high-tech, intelligent, and humanized configurations, the swimming pool has become a part of the outdoor environment, and even an independent ecosystem, enriching people’s outdoor leisure and entertainment life.For the owner of the courtyard, having a inverter hot spring swimming pool not only means that you can swim in the swimming pool as you want in all seasons, but also means that you can open up a new style of leisure and quiet outdoor life. So the inverter pool heat pump will be the best choice!


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