Royal Series

This series of products use ABS plastic to avoid harsh environment corrosion and pollution, so that the heat pump has a longer service life. The heat-resistant and flame-retardant ABS casing ensures that the heat pump runs smoothly in a high-temperature environment. The ABS casing has high electrical insulation, which can ensure that the heat pump operates safely in most environments.


Base frame and external panels made of ABS plastic.


compact structure, easy demountable for access, quite easy for maintenance, after-sale service etc.

titanium coil exchanger with full resistance against  corrosion, ensure a working life at least 15 years.

General testing and operational testing carried out for every unit before package in the factory.

Intelligent controller and adjustable by quick mind microprocessor.


Automatic defrosting function included(with reverse cycle valve inside).


Air exchanger(fins-coil) with hydrophilic coating.