EVI Commercial Series

This series has the world's most energy-saving, safe, and environmental-friendly hot water manufacturing equipment, which can transfer the heat in low-temperature air to hot water. It is mainly designed for the climatic characteristics of cold areas, and is suitable for schools, hospitals, hotels and other commercial places in low temperature areas.


Stable operation at -25 degree ambient temperature: Stable heating at -25 degree ambient temperature, which fully meets the heating and hot water requirements in low temperature areas.

High-efficiency and energy-saving: For every 1kw of electrical energy consumed, 4kw of thermal energy can be generated, which saves 75% of electricity compared with traditional electric heating methods.

Safety and environmental protection: Fundamentally eliminate potential safety hazards such as flammable, explosive, leakage, and no exhaust emissions.

Fully automatic operation, precise temperature control, no special maintenance required.

Intelligent defrost: Unique chassis heating technology ensures that condensate is discharged smoothly and it is not easy to freeze the heat exchanger.