Commercial Series

Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps adopt environmental-friendly refrigerant R407C. They are widely suitable for sanitary hot water at residential or commercial places. It can provide stable 55C hot water, max hot water temp up to 60C working good at-7 degree above area.


1.Environmental protection and energy saving: The power consumption is only 1/4 of electric water heaters and 1/3 of that of gas water heaters, which is more efficient than electric-assisted solar water heaters, with energy efficiency up to 5.0.

2. Safety and stability: Equipped with earth leakage circuit breaker, phase loss protector, refrigeration unit overpressure, overload, oil pressure and other protection devices, no direct contact of electric heating elements with water is needed, which avoids the danger of leakage of electric water heaters and also prevents Risk of gas leak from gas water heater.

3. Intelligent defrost: Optimize the control logic, intelligently determine whether to defrost in combination with the ambient temperature and the thickness of the frost, shorten the defrost time by more than 20%, and ensure the efficient operation of the unit.

4. Supply 55 degrees hot water 24 hours a day, hot immediately after opening.