Easylife Series

This New Design R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump is high performance in heating cooling and hot water.

  • 1.Operating air temperature :-25~43℃
  • 2.Multi-function application with heating,cooling and hot water

    3.A+++ Energy Label

    4.EVI Full Inverter Technology

    5.Intelligent Water Temperature Adjustable

    6.R32 Low GWP Refrigerant

    7.Wide Voltage Range



Full DC Inverter Technology

Power World Easylife Series adopts full inverter Panasonic twin-rotary compressor and inverter brushless motor. With this technology, users can enjoy a maximum level of comfort with the lowest costs.

A+++ Energy Level

Power World highlights higher and higher energy efficiency. Our Easylife Series has gained A+++ energy label, and passed ERP test report issued by TÜV SÜD.

Intelligent Water Temperature Adjustment

The unique control logic enables our Easylife Series to adjust the outlet water temperature intelligently, according to the real-time changing ambient temperature. Thanks to this funcon, our users can not only enjoy greater comfort, but also save more bills.

R32 Low GWP Refrigerant

Reducing and preventng global warming is an important mission of Power World. R32 used in our Easylife series has GWP of only one third comparing to R410A. Besides, 30% amount of refrigerant is less needed for R32 heat pump systems than R410A ones.

Global Application Potential

With below features, Power World Easylife Series can be widely used:

● Heating, Cooling, and DHW funcons for all year round running.
● EVI technology ensures smooth operation from -25℃ to 43℃.
● Various Capacity Selection from 8 ~ 30 kW for different houses.
● Wide Voltage Range ( 170-254V for single phase, 320-460V for 3 phase)

Components and Details