What is a low carbon heat pumps?

As the world pays more and more attention to environmental protection, the reliability and authenticity of "environmentally friendly refrigerants" have also been heatedly discussed in the industry.Low carbon heat pumps will be the trend of the future.

At present, the low temperature heat pump industry generally uses R410A and R22 as refrigerants. R22 is a HCFCs refrigerant with non-zero ODP, which has a certain damaging effect on ozone, so it is in the process of accelerating its elimination. R410A is an HFCs refrigerant. Although it is under the banner of environmental protection without destroying the ozone layer, it actually has a high GWP value and a high greenhouse gas effect.

In this case, the R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant compressor stands out. With the advantages of low GWP value and high energy efficiency, it has become a "true environmentally friendly refrigerant", and it has also become the only feasible environmentally friendly alternative in the field of household heat pumps recognized by the industry.

As an environmentally friendly refrigerant, R290 has many advantages, making it very suitable for low temperature hot water heat pump heating. Its critical temperature is high, suitable for high condensing temperature applications, pressure and heating capacity are similar to R22, and can directly replace R22, low exhaust temperature, suitable for low ambient temperature applications, and has high theoretical cycle energy. Moreover, R290 can be used outdoors, the integrated heat pump unit design, the refrigerant will not enter the room, even if there is a leakage problem, it is easier to spread outdoors.

For the design of new refrigerant applications in the field of heat pumps, Power World has never stopped moving forward. At present, the development and evaluation of Power World R290 variable frequency heat pump unit is already underway. Laboratory test results show that the unit achieves high heating energy efficiency at a lower charge, and field tests in cold regions have also been completed. The Low carbon new products will enter the market in October this year, so stay tuned!


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