What is lifespan of heat pump?

For many new users, What is lifespan of heat pump? It is one of the biggest concerns besides the installation cost. At present, the lifespan advertised by the manufacturer is generally 15 years. It has been proved by more than 10 years of use that there is no problem with the lifespan of the air source heat pump for more than 10 years. So why is the manufacturer's warranty now only about 18 months? What are the factors that affect the lifespan of an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pump, as a heat source equipment for heating, is the same as the principle of air conditioner. It is the process of making the refrigerant realize the physical change of phase change through the work of the compressor, so as to absorb the heat in the air and generate heat, and how much heat is generated. It is directly related to the ambient temperature, so we try to use it under the condition of high ambient temperature during use.

The main factors affecting the lifespan of the air source heat pump are: 

1. The running time of the unit; 

2. The ambient temperature; 

3. External factors; 

4. The number of times the compressor is started and stopped.

1. The running time of the unit The running time of the unit is generally not more than 12 hours. When it exceeds this time, the probability of failure of the unit will increase, and the lifespan will also be affected. Reasonable selection of unit equipment.

2. Ambient temperature Ambient temperature can also directly affect the lifespan of the unit. Under the condition of low ambient temperature, a special heat pump unit should be selected to ensure that the unit can start and operate normally in a low temperature environment, and when the ambient temperature is lower than In the case of -25 degrees, we try not to use the heat pump unit for a long time. Due to the low temperature environment below -25 degrees, it is difficult for the refrigeration oil of the compressor to return to the oil, and it is easy to cause the compressor cylinder to be stuck in long-term operation, which affects the lifespan of the unit.

3. External factors External factors mainly refer to human factors, which are reflected in whether the installation of the unit is installed and debugged by professional technicians. During the use process, it is necessary to avoid the operation of the unit under high water temperature and high pressure; when using in winter, pay attention to the Good antifreeze work. When the unit is not in use, remember not to cut off the power supply. If the power supply is cut off, we must drain the water of the unit; in the selection and installation position of the unit, we should stay away from the place where oil smoke and fallen leaves are located to avoid falling leaves. Destroying the fan blades will affect the lifespan of the unit.

4. The number of starts and stops of the compressor The longest life of the unit is determined by the compressor. When starting and stopping frequently, the compressor will be impacted by overcurrent, resulting in a short life of the unit. Description: The main reason for the low heating capacity of the unit at low temperature is that at low temperature, the liquefaction point of the working fluid used in the compressor has been reached, and the absorbed heat is not enough to completely gasify the working fluid, which will reduce the efficiency of the compressor and even cause damage to the compressor. Liquid hammer of the compressor, resulting in a reduction in the life of the heat pump.


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