What type of compressor is best for a heat pump?

Compared with air conditioners, air source heat pumps have great differences in operating time. The operating time of air source heat pump systems is much higher than that of air conditioners. Air conditioners are frequently used in summer and winter, but water heaters are daily necessities; generally speaking, the outlet water temperature of the heat pump is above 55 degrees. It needs to start running, so the compressor basically runs in the area with higher condensing temperature. Condensing temperature is the main factor affecting the life of the compressor. Under the condition of running the same time, the comprehensive load of the compressor in the air source heat pump is much higher than that of the compressor in the air conditioner.

To ensure that there is no failure in the life cycle of the air source heat pump, the compressor needs to be able to withstand 20,000 hours of actual operation. Therefore, it is very necessary to use a special compressor for heat pumps. The compressor, as the heart of the air source heat pump, provides power for the operation of the entire air source water heater, and our company selects these products very strictly. Our air source heat pump products have always used the brand compressor developed by Emerson, which combines a number of leading technologies of Emerson's environmental optimization technology. To ensure the rapid start of the unit, and when the ambient temperature is as low as -15 degrees, the heating capacity can be greatly increased by 50%, and the energy efficiency ratio (COP) can be increased by 5%. This innovative technology will meet the winter requirements of 90% of the population living areas. It can easily solve the technical problems such as poor low-temperature heating effect and high-frequency operation noise that have plagued the entire industry for many years.

Emerson has launched special compressor units for heat pumps that are suitable for the south and the north respectively, ensuring that the compressors can operate safely, efficiently and stably in most areas. Application comparison of ordinary compressors and low-temperature compressors in air source heat pump units:


1. Ordinary compressor

a. When running at low temperature, the compressor has high compression ratio, overheating, lubricating oil deterioration, scroll wear, etc.; when running at high temperature, the motor is overloaded, the bearing is worn, and the motor winding exceeds the limit.

b. When running at high water temperature, high condensation temperature, motor overload and overheating; lubricating oil deterioration, scroll wear, bearing wear, and motor windings exceeding the limit.

c. In low temperature conditions, the capacity is not enough, the energy efficiency ratio is low, and the economy is poor, and the capacity declines below -10 degrees.

The reduction can reach more than 40%, COP<1. 5W/W.


2. Cryogenic compressor

a. Floating seal design is adopted to meet the requirement of high pressure ratio when making high temperature hot water.

b. The fixed scroll and dynamic exhaust valve are designed to meet the needs of high pressure difference.

c. The EVI design ensures that the unit has a safe exhaust temperature.


3. Ordinary compressor and low temperature compressor

When the evaporation temperature of the low-temperature compressor is -30 degrees, the condensing temperature can reach 65 degrees, while the condensing temperature of ordinary compressors only reaches 50 degrees when the evaporation temperature is -10 degrees. Therefore, when the ambient temperature is above -20 degrees, the low-temperature compressor can normally heat 55 degrees of hot water, while when the ambient temperature is below 0 degrees, the ordinary compressor can heat 55 degrees of hot water, which is beyond the compressor's operating range. . Comparing the two compressors, it can be seen that the low-temperature compressor can better meet the requirements of the air source heat pump to normally produce 55 degrees of hot water under high and low environmental conditions. At the same time, the evaporating temperature of the low-temperature compressor can reach a maximum of 15 degrees, while the ordinary compressor can only reach 12 degrees, which satisfies the function of making hot water when the evaporating temperature is high in summer.

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